He And His Family Used The Limousine Services For Rides To Various Locations Includingwal-mart, Numerous Restaurants, And Family Vacations At Darien Lake Amusement Park, Improperly Using Thestate-issued Credit Card For Purchases At Each Location.

Court sig Staff reports Jan 12, 2017 A former state employee from Niagara Falls who used a state-issued credit card to cover costs associated with a wedding in the Cataract City will not face jail time but will be expected to pay full restitution. http://rubylopezhost.pvmarlin.com/2017/01/03/treatments-such-as-scatter-photo-coagulation-focal-photo-coagulation-and-vitrectomy-prevent-blindness-in-most-people/New York State Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott announced Thursday the sentencing of 46-year-old Donald Chrisman, a former worker with the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. Chrisman, formerly of Niagara Falls, made more than $16,500 in unapproved personal purchases on the state-issued credit card, according to prosecutors. Chrisman, who now lives in Rochester, was sentenced in Monroe County Court to full restitution in the amount of $16,668.55 and five years of probation.Thesentence is subsequent to his November guilty plea to grand larceny in the fourth degree, a felony. An investigation by the inspector general’s office found that between June 1, 2015, and August 18, 2015,Chrisman made at least 249 unapproved personal transactions using his state-issued credit card.Chrisman charged more than $4,000 on personal limousine services for himself and hisfamily during that period. He and his family used the limousine services for rides to various locations includingWal-Mart, numerous restaurants, and family vacations at Darien Lake amusement park, improperly using thestate-issued credit card for purchases at each location. Chrisman also used the card to pay for a ceremony at TheFalls Wedding Chapel in Niagara Falls where he and his wife renewed their vows. This defendants repeated abuse of a taxpayer-backed government credit card was an affront to the publictrust, said Inspector General Scott. Chrisman was employed by OPWDD as a Peer Advocate from Aug. 7, 2003 until his resignation in February2016. As a Peer Advocate, his responsibilities included providing guidance to and advocating for people withdevelopmental disabilities. He was assigned a State credit card to be used for travel expenses as part of hiswork-related duties. Tags

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